Keystone US Complete 2D

For those seeking an overview of the Keystone Pipeline complex, the Keystone Mapping Project’s data has been consolidated into this single map containing available data for milepost markers, waterbody crossings, gas and water wells, and eminent domain filings. The map will be updated and expanded as more data becomes available.

The maps on this site supplement the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) as published by the US Department of State (DOS). Neither TransCanada Corporation nor the the DOS have been forthcoming with the Keystone XL GIS route data. This has made it impossible to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the pipeline.

For those seeking more detail, the KMP Google Earth view remains the most comprehensive map of the Keystone Pipeline.

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Milepost Marker. Frequency of .10 miles. Also visible on Google Earth View.
MP Not Available. Milepost data withheld.
Waterbody Crossings. Mainline and Access Road. Also visible on Google Earth View.
Eminent Domain Filings. TransCanada court filings by county. Also visible on Google Earth View.
Keystone XL Corridor. Subject to change. Width varies from 500′ to 2,000′.