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Waterbird Regional PreserveThe KMP Panoramio group seeks to document the Keystone phenomenon through the eyes of the citizenry. The public is invited to broaden our understanding of the Keystone pipeline, energy and environmental policy, and impacts on global warming.

Contemplative or altered landscapes may capture a sense of place. Portraits of communities, land owners, or workers might convey life along the proposed route. Those living far from the pipeline will find local photo opportunities, whether they be related to oil, gas, plastics, waste, research, finance, politics, and so forth. How does the Keystone XL affect you and those in your community? What is the broader import of the project?



  • Sign up for a Google Panoramio Account »»
  • Upload photos to your account.
  • Join the Keystone Mapping Project Group” »»
  • Once enrolled in the KMP group, select one of your photos and under “Groups” (lower right), Click “Add/Edit”
  • From the list, select the Keystone Mapping Project group and click “Add”.


Subject Matter:
There is no limitations on subject matter as long as the image is relevant to the theme. Please be aware, though, Google will only link images of places to Google Earth. Regardless, all images will be linked to Google Earth through the Keystone Mapping Project website. The group administrator will exercise his discretion as to the appropriateness of any image.

The image title should state the subject and location of the image, as well as its relevance to the theme. If the image is part of a series, the title should also contain the name of the series and the image’s sequence number.

All photographs must be tagged with their geo-location.

Submissions – Less is More:
Group members are advised to edit their submissions tightly. Give your best shots room to breathe. Unless part of a sequence, similars and variations should be avoided.

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