Keystone & Keystone XL Centerline Maps for Desktop and Mobile

For those seeking a basic view of the Keystone and Keystone XL Pipeline routes from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas, these maps cover both desktop and mobile navigation, on and offline. These centerline maps use three different mapping service and include two of the Nebraska alternative routes.

Keystone Centerline Map

Keystone & Keystone XL Map – MAPBOX

This map offers hassle-free exploration with excellent satellite imagery. A basic Keystone Complex Canada-USA centerline route map with the two most recent Nebraska alternatives. [Subject to Mapbox privacy policy]
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Keystone XL Google Map View

Keystone & Keystone XL Map – GOOGLE MAPS

For those seeking ancillary mapping services such as location search, navigation, and directions, this Keystone route map integrates with the Google platform. Click on the “Google” icon on the bottom-left for additional features through Google Maps. [Subject to Google privacy policy and tracking]
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Keystone and Keystone XL for offline mobile

Keystone & Keystone XL Map – OFFLINE MOBILE

For locations with spotty cellular service, this offline Keystone Pipeline map has been optimized for the free GURU MAPS mobile app. Features offline route tracking, waypoint marking, and location search for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. See the KMP downloads page for more details.
Download/Installation Procedure:
  1. Guru Maps: Free Download/Install »»
  2. KMP Offline Keystone Centerline Map Dowload »» Select the 2nd accordion link for details.
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