Map: Eminent Domain – Texas

Keystone XL Eminent Domain filings by TransCanadaThe first installment of the eminent domain map is now online. We have begun with the state of Texas and will add more eminent domain data as it becomes available. If you would like to contribute data to this map:

The county data for Texas comes courtesy of State Impact Texas. Statewide there were 102 eminent domain filings by TransCanada. Landowners typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Those who have willingly signed a lease with TransCanada
  • Those who have begrudgingly signed so as to avoid legal action, and
  • Those who have been forced to give right away to TransCanada due to eminent domain proceedings.

Only the last group is represented in the map.

Map: Consolidated 2D View

Keystone XL Complete Google MapTo ease web viewing, the Keystone Mapping Project’s Google Map data has been consolidated into a single map. The Keystone XL – 2D Complete map contains available data for milepost markers, waterbody crossings, gas and water wells, and eminent domain filings. The map will be updated and expanded as more data becomes available, giving viewers a single resource for a cursory view of the Keystone XL pipeline. For now, the individual maps are also being maintained.

For those seeking more detail, the KMP Google Earth view remains the most comprehensive map of the Keystone XL.

Map: Gulf Coast Waterbody Crossings – Completed

The Keystone Mapping Project’s Google Earth View has been updated with the waterbody crossing data (for both the pipeline and the access roads) from the Ft. Worth Office of the United States Army Corp of Engineers. This information was obtained by Freedom of Information Act request from USACE – after they had begun approving construction.

Stream, river, and aquifer contamination is a major concern with the Keystone XL due to the toxic chemicals mixed with the tar sands oil during transportation. You can read more about it here.

The new Keystone Mapping Project Google Earth view can be downloaded here:

or viewed online here (plug-in required).

Featured on NPR’s StateImpact Texas

The Keystone Mapping Project was featured on NPR’s StateImpact in Texas with an interview of KMP creator Thomas Bachand. In the interview, Bachand discusses his motivations for building the KMP and the widespread support the project has received. Click here to read Terrence Henry’s Q & A with Thomas Bachand.

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