Keystone Google Earth View

With the deprecation of the Google Earth API, this page is no long supported. To view the 3D Keystone map, use Google Earth:
Download KMP Google Earth files »»

Detailed view of Keystone corridor from Montana to Texas. Includes milepost markets, 500′ construction corridor (not available in all browsers), and gas and water wells. The map will be updated as more data becomes available.


Milepost Marker. Frequency of 1 mile.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 35 km).
Waterbody Crossing. Mainline.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 900 km).
Access Road and Access Road Wetland Crossing.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 900 km).
Not Available. Data withheld.
Gas Well. Within 1 mile of KXL route.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 1500 km).
Water Well. Within 1320 feet or 1 mile of KXL route.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 1500 km).
Keystone Pipeline Route. Subject to change.
500′ Keystone Corridor. Subject to change.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 30 km).

Google Earth Files & Add Ons

For those seeking more detail or wishing to bypass the plug-in, view the maps in Google Earth. KMZ files are available for Download »»

KMP map files are for personal use only. Publication, distribution, or posting to the Internet is not permitted without written permission. All site contents ©Thomas Bachand 2013. All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Keystone Google Earth View

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  3. Thank you so much for devoting your time and energy to this important matter. I’m making a film called, THIS LAND WAS YOUR LAND, where I’ll be walking the entire route of the Keystone XL pipeline on foot. These maps have been so helpful to me in my planning. I’d be very interested in talking to you more about this project.

    Thanks again,

  4. Thomas thank you for doing this!! Wow they look pretty amazing! Maybe more people will get the idea how quickly they will be affected when there is a leak. Hopefully we can stop it and no one will ever know. Thanks for your time and talent and sharing with us folks in Nebraska! Take care,

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