Keystone XL Waterbody Crossings

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Waterbody Crossings. Mainline crossing.
Access Road and Access Road Wetland Crossing. Access road crossing.
Milepost Marker. Frequency of .10 miles.
Not Available. Data withheld.

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3 thoughts on “Keystone XL Waterbody Crossings

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    • Only the Nebraska NDEQ has released waterbody crossings voluntarily – and then it was only 5 of 163. Waterbody crossings for Texas and Oklahoma were obtained by FOIA request from the US Army Corps of Engineers – after they signed off on the Gulf Coast leg. As data becomes available I will update the maps.

      Federal and state regulators, as well as TransCanada, frequently proclaim the project safe. Yet, without the mapping data it’s impossible to tell.

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