Keystone Pipeline Maps

Keystone Centerline Map

Keystone & Keystone XL Centerline Maps

Keystone and Keystone XL Pipeline centerline routes from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas, with two of the Nebraska alternative routes. Three formats for desktop and mobile navigation, on- and offline.
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Keystone XL Google Earth View

Keystone Pipeline Complex Google Earth

Comprehensive Keystone and Keystone XL Pipeline route maps with known mileposts, waterbody crossings, and other features.
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5 thoughts on “Keystone Pipeline Maps

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  3. Thanks for the maps. This is great! How certain are you of the coordinates for the Texas segment? The Texas Railroad Commission has just made the route available on their public map viewer. I am compiling a list of schools and other senistive areas within a mile of the pipeline.

    • Chris,

      My data was taken from the RRC’s map viewer in March of this year. There are 462 sample points. Assume some margin of error, but for your purposes it should be fine. TransCanada’s May 30, 2012 Keystone XL permit renewal with the Texas RRC shows no route changes.

      Of use to your project might be my mapping of a Voluntary Evacuation Zone, which overlays a 2-mile-wide corridor (one mile either side) along the Keystone XL route. Details can be found here.

      If you send me your data I can incorporate it into a future update.


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