Keystone Map Upgrades for Canada & Mobile Users

Significant upgrades, in both coverage and format, have been made to the Keystone Mapping Project maps. The Keystone and Keystone XL maps now include Canadian routes, as well as formats more suitable to mobile users.

The maps now include:

  • Canadian legs of both pipelines for full coverage from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Please note that, like all KMP mapping data, the Canadian data is unofficial and cannot be found in the Department of State’s FSEIS.
  • In addition to the current hassle-free online centerline map, a Google Maps compatible version is available for those wishing to integrate additional map services.
  • For those working in the field offline, a mobile-compatible file is available for download.
  • The robust Google Earth version of the map with it’s many layers of additional data and corridor views, now also includes the unverified Canadian routes.

For more details on the upgraded and revised centerline routes, visit the Keystone Centerline Maps page.

Google Earth KML files can be found Google Earth Dowloads page.

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