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detailed Map of Keystone XL pipelineFor those seeking the most detailed view of the proposed Keystone XL roue, this page contains KMZ files best suited for viewing in Google Earth. These maps are updated as data become available.

Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline Corridor MT-TX. August 2012.

This file maps the publicly-available GIS data necessary to interpret the Department of State’s (DoS) Keystone XL Pipeline Draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement of March 2013 (DSEIS) and Final Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement of January 2014 (FSEIS), including the centerline route and construction corridor from Montana to Texas, milepost markers, waterbody crossings, and gas and water wells. Inadequate disclosures by the DoS and TransCanada Corporation, the company building the pipeline, make this file incomplete.

In June of 2013, the DoS claimed that they had neither requested nor received the Keystone XL’s GIS route data. TransCanada is unwillingness to make full disclosure to the public and state agencies for a variety of reasons.

This map includes:

Milepost Marker. Frequency of 1 mile.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 35 km).
Waterbody Crossing. Mainline.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 900 km).
Access Road and Access Road Wetland Crossing.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 900 km).
Not Available. Data withheld.
Gas Well. Within 1 mile of KXL route.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 1500 km).
Water Well. Within 1320 feet or 1 mile of KXL route.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 1500 km).
Keystone XL Route. Subject to change.
500′ Keystone XL Corridor. Subject to change.
Zoom [+] to view (apprx GE Eye alt: 30 km).
Eminent Domain filings. TransCanada court filings by county.

Keystone XL Kansas Cushing Extension

Approximate from an aerial photography survey, this map completes the KMP’s interactive map of the entire U.S. Keystone XL route from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico.. [more]

Keystone XL Oil Spill Voluntary Evacuation Zone

Derived from the 2010 Enbridge tar-sands spill on the Kalamazoo River, this map expands the pipeline corridor to encompass a possible voluntary evacuation zone should a similar spill occur. [more]

Keystone XL Gulf Coast — Crossings

Interactive map featuring 180° Diptychs at Keystone XL intersections with roadways. [more]

Principal Aquifers, US Lower 48

USGS map of principal US aquifers in the continental United States. [more]

Nebraska DEQ KXL Detail 9.5.12

Revised KXL route announced by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality on September 5, 2012. [more]

Sand Hills. WY, CO, SD, NE, & KS

The environmentally sensitive Sand Hills and the Keystone XL corridor. [more]

Ponca Trail – Trail of Tears

Sacred Ponca routes and the Keystone XL corridor. [more]

North American Hazardous Liquid Spills

Reported North American hazard liquid spills from 2002 – 2013, including diesel, jet fuel, oil, natural gas, and propane. As reported to PHMSA. [more]

Fraccidents, US Lower 48

A map created by Earthjustice showing some of the major fracking accidents, or fraccidents, in the United States. [more]

Tesla Charging Stations

Currently one can drive an electric car from the Canadian border to the Mexican border along the iconic West Coast free of charge. [more]

US Energy System

This interesting, albeit incomplete, map shows energy plants, wells, pipelines, solar and wind farms, and areas of energy producing potential throughout the United States. Major tar sands pipelines are missing.

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